OSOS project

The original story of October Seventh is a project of the Makshivim organization. An international project in the United States and Europe. Our goal is to tell the true story, first-hand, of those who saw death, met evil, the devil, and succeeded at the last moment. 07/10 for future generations, a difficult and sad day, when bad people appeared, with the aim of killing and harming good and happy people. We bring the story of the survivors of the Nova Festival in expeditions to the whole world. For campuses, schools, Jewish communities, American communities, and anyone who wants to hear the story, first hand. Our speakers met the devil and managed to escape from the terrorists. They are here on a mission, to deliver their message to the whole world.

To tell the story to the world, it gives strength to the survivors to deal with the difficult post-trauma that they have.

OSOS: The  project– the focus is on Jewish communities around the world with an emphasis on a Jewish story in the Diaspora.

The story of the survivors, in a way that is right for them. May help and improve their mental health condition. The expeditions are accompanied by psychologists and therapists. And in their free time we allow them to receive support.


To Donate >> https://osos.makshivim-il.org/donation/



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